The Syrian Electronic Army’s campaign against Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) continued over the weekend after it hacked into the company’s blog and Twitter account Friday, which was followed by an attack on the Xbox Twitter account Sunday.

The SEA used Microsoft’s blog to post several headlines that redirected to the SEA’s website, and used Microsoft’s Twitter account to retweet messages from the official SEA account. The SEA also tweeted “Syrian Electronic Army was Here” on the Xbox Twitter account. Microsoft has since regained control of the blog and Twitter accounts and the posts have been deleted.

Xbox Twitter Account Hacked By SEA SEA used the Xbox Twitter account to post "Syrian Electronic Army was Here." Photo: Twitter

The SEA, an anonymous group of hacktivists that support Syrian President Bashar Assad, began its campaign on New Year’s Day when it hacked Skype, the Web calling and video chat service that Microsoft purchased in May 2011.

The SEA said the hacks are a protest to the revelations by Edward Snowden that Microsoft has been complicit in the National Security Agency’s secret surveillance programs.