New York Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni resigned on Wednesday after he and the organization had conflicting visions of the club's future, according to Yahoo Sports.

Adrian Wojnarowski first reported on Wednesday that D'Antoni had decided to resign after internal clashes with star Carmelo Anthony and members of upper management. Assistant coach Mike Woodson is expected to guide the Knicks on Wednesday against the Portland Trail Blazers.

Knicks assistants Dan D'Antoni and Phil Weber also resigned.

D'Antoni's decision to resign is just the latest example of wildness at Madison Square Garden. The New York Post reported that Anthony wanted to be traded unless D'Antoni was fired and it appears he got his wish.

D'Antoni reportedly never wanted the Knicks to acquire Anthony because he didn't feel that he fit into his offensive schemes. Anthony would often ignore D'Antoni's offensive strategy of handing around the three-point arc and instead would try to post up, according to ESPN's Chris Broussard.

The Knicks are in a state of turmoil, but are still an attractive group to prospective coaches. ESPN's Stephen A. Smith reported that Phil Jackson would be interested in trying to right the Knicks' sinking ship. Jackson won 11 titles as the head coach of the Chicago Bulls and Lakers and would bring instant credibility to the Knicks. He'd likely require a hefty salary, but that has never stopped Knicks owner James Dolan in the past.

Sports Illustrated reported Tuesday that former Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan would also be interested in the position.

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