Mike Tyson isn't a big fan of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and he claims that he'll be able to whoop Jr.'s ass in a street fight. The former heavyweight kingpin said on a live interview of GQ Sport's 'Actually Me' series that he'd be able to subdue the self-touted king of boxing. 

At the 4:25 mark of the interview "Iron Mike" was asked if he could predict the outcome of a street fight between him and Floyd in his prime. The 53-year-old boxing Hall-of-Famer said that he "would kick Floyd's ass in a street fight... It wouldn't even be no match." 

He does, however, respect Mayweather Jr.'s fighting method. Tyson said that if he were his size, Floyd would outpoint him. He added that the former welterweight champion has an excellent "technique for his style." 

At the end of the special, Tyson does revere Mayweather's achievement on the ring but draws the line when he proclaims that he's the GOAT of boxing. 

In 2015, 'Iron' Mike blasted Floyd for claiming that he's even better than Muhammad Ali and other boxing legends. The now reformed bad boy from Brownsville, New York believes that the title of the greatest ever goes beyond a boxer's success in the ring. 

Tyson berated Floyd for his comments during that time. He said that if "he was anywhere close to the realm of Muhammad Ali, he'd be capable of taking his kids to school by himself."

He added that "greatness is not guarding yourself against people; It's being accepted by the people." Meanwhile, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has recently teased his fanbase of a potential exhibition match against rival Manny Pacquiao in Tokyo Japan. 

Pacquiao's camp quickly shot down Floyd's announcement and said that he's not interested in an "exhibition." The Filipino icon reiterated that he wants a real sanctioned match.