Manny Pacquiao's camp isn't a big fan of Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s idea for an "exhibition" match in Tokyo Japan. Sean Gibbons, the president of MP promotions, said that the American boxer is talking "All nonsense." 

In a report by The Philippine Star, Gibbons said that he has no idea "what my brother Floyd is up to." He added that Mayweather is definitely up to something. 

The other day, the brassy Mayweather posted a video claiming that he's working on a possible Mayweather-Pacquiao exhibition match in Tokyo, Japan. 

As of the details of the "exhibition" match, boxing fans around the world were baffled about the announcement. Gibbons added that "Floyd is Floyd. He goes to the beat of his drum." 

Hours after Floyd posted the video on Instagram, Pacquiao responded by saying if there's something to it, then it should be a "real boxing match." 

He said in his local language, "why an exhibition? Make it a real fight." One of the Filipino fighter's associate's, David Sisson believes that "it's just Mayweather using Manny's name again." 

Mayweather has retired from boxing after beating UFC star Conor McGregor in 2017. He also staged an exhibition match against a local Japanese kickboxer that ended after 139 seconds. 

Floyd has since claimed that he earned $9 million for the short match, but his critics believe that it was all staged. 

Mayweather and Pacquiao competed in the most lucrative fight in boxing back in May 2015, breaking previous financial records in the history of the sport. 

The American pugilist won by unanimous decision. A rematch has always been on the table, but neither camp has reached an agreement. 

Floyd showed up to both of "Pacman's" fights this year, including his recent win against the unbeaten welterweight champ Keith Thurman. 

Manny Pacquiao challenged Floyd to a rematch days after his victory, but Team Mayweather has insisted that the former champ is retired.