Mike Tyson was arrested Wednesday for allegedly assaulting a paparazzi at the Los Angeles LAX airport.

The photographer was also arrested.

Tyson said he was provoked at terminal 7 by the aggressive photographer and claimed he was defending his wife and daughter, his spokeswoman Tamy Brook said, according to the Los Angeles Times Thursday.

The photographer, 58-year-old Tony Echevarria told investigators that Tyson punched him in the face causing a cut in his forehead. He alleged that Tyson tried to take his camera too, according to the paper.

Investigators are searching for any surveillance video of the altercation. They have witnesses' testimonies supporting both sides of the stories.

Tyson was released on a $20,000 bail and after getting booked on suspicion of misdemeanor battery. The photographer was also reportedly booked on misdemeanor battery charges, according to reports.