Warner Bros. is developing a movie based on the popular building-block video game “Minecraft,” having picked up the movie rights to the game, which boasts of more than 100 million registered users for its PC version alone.

After the success of “The Lego Movie” based on the world-famous construction toys, the studio is now working with “Minecraft” developer Mojang to bring the sandbox game to audiences as a live-action film.

The news was revealed by Markus Persson, creator of “Minecraft” via Twitter when he wrote on his account Thursday: “Someone is trying leak the fact that we're working with Warner Brothers on a potential Minecraft Movie. I wanted to be the leak!”

Persson also told gaming website Polygon via email confirming the news: “I think every part of that tweet was real, including me wanting to be the one to spill the news about a potential movie.”

"It would be nice to tell people when it's 100 percent solid rather than to leak it before it's completely final, but our hands were a bit tied and rushed here,” he added.

According to reports, Warner Bros. has acquired the rights from Mojang and the studio is working with Roy Lee, the producer of “The Lego Movie,” and Jill Messick. Persson reportedly denied talking about the contract with the studio or about the people that Warner Bros. plans to hire for the project.

The game has reportedly proved to be a remarkable success, recently surpassing 100 million registered users on its PC version alone. As of February 2014, Mojang had sold more than 14 million copies of “Minecraft” on computers, more than 10 million on Xbox 360, more than one million on PlayStation 3 and more than 10 million on mobile devices.

In addition to the “Minecraft” film, reports from last November indicated that Warner Bros. was in the midst of negotiating with Imangi Studios to get “Temple Run” to the big screen.