A Minnesota man is facing assault and terroristic threat charges after he allegedly pulled a gun on his neighbor, who was teaching his daughter how to ride a bicycle.

Gary Drake, 61, of Rosemount, Minnesota, was charged in a criminal complaint with pointing the gun at his neighbor, Minneapolis Fox affiliate KMSP reported Sunday. The victim said he was teaching his daughter how to ride a bike near their home in Rosemount when Drake continued to yell at him “making comments about how his daughter was riding her bike,” according to the complaint.

After saying, “I’ve got it” to Drake, the victim said Drake then responded, “If you don’t like my advice, get off the street.” The victim then told Drake that he didn’t own the street and would “continue to teach his daughter how to ride her bike there.”

Drake allegedly got angrier and went into his house to get a gun. He then allegedly pointed the gun toward the victim and threatened to kill him. Drake’s wife grabbed the gun, pointed it toward the ground and physically dragged Drake back inside the house, according to the complaint. About 30 seconds later, Drake returned outside and told the victim, “I’m going to kill ya.”

Drake allegedly admitted to cops that he brought a shotgun outside and pointed it at the victim, and also allegedly confessed to drinking. When police asked Drake if alcohol affected “his poor decision making,” he said, “absolutely no.” After being told of the charges against him, Drake allegedly said. “Maybe next time I should have shot him.”

The father, who declined to give his name, told KMSP that he was still shaken up over the May 26 incident.

Neighbors said they were shocked that Drake would pull a gun on another neighbor.

"I've never seen a gun come out of that house ever," Jeanne Helgeson told KMSP, adding that she’s not sure why Drake allegedly snapped.

“I'm going to ask them what happened and why, and what are you going to do that this never happens again because we need to be safe here," Helgeson said. “This is family."