Baby Lisa Irwin has been missing for nearly three months, but the Kansas City police department continues to investigation her mysterious disappearance on Oct. 4.

The one-year-old's parents, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, believe their daughter was kidnapped late that night, but have asked that the media, the police and the public leave the family alone.

A spokesman for the Kansas City police department told KMBC-TV that there are no new developments in the ongoing case. However, the same detectives who followed the case from the beginning remain on the investigation and the case continues to be classified as a missing/abducted child case.

Investigators closed an outpost dedicated exclusively to solving baby Lisa's case and authorities have now returned to their main offices in Kansas City. Although Kansas City Police Capt. Steve Young insists the case is not closed, investigators have been encouraged to take on new cases due to a pile-up of child neglect and abuse cases. Young claims there are not enough resources to focus wholly on baby Lisa Irwin, especially as police have received fewer tips in the past few weeks compared with the previous several weeks.

It seems authorities are still uncertain of what happened the night baby Lisa Irwin went missing. While attention was initially focused on Lisa's parents, particularly on her mother Bradley, no suspects or major leads were ever announced.

Bradley and Irwin have been called uncooperative and have refused to be interviewed separately by police. They've also denied interviews with local reporters, favoring national networks offering prime time interviews, even though local coverage would be more helpful in locating baby Lisa Irwin. Many wonder if parents Bradley and Irwin have told police the whole truth.

Jeremy Irwin, an electrician, returned home on Oct. 4 to find his daughter missing. He called 911 to report the disappearance of baby Lisa. A window and screen were tampered with, lights were left on, the family's front door was unlocked and three cell phones were missing. Deborah Bradley claimed she last saw her daughter at 10:30 p.m. before falling asleep in bed with her two sons. It was later discovered that there was a fire in a dumpster near the Bradley-Irwin home at 2:30 a.m. The Amber Alert was turned on and a local suburban landfill was searched for a body. Baby Lisa has not been seen since the night of Oct. 4.

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