Southaven, Mississippi, Mayor Greg Davis, a Republican has come out after an investigation revealed that he used city funds to cover personal expenses including a visit to a gay adult store.

Davis, who ran unsuccessfully for Congress in 2008 on a family-values platform, charged the city $67 for a purchase at a gay adult store in Canada. He had reportedly been in Toronto on a business recruiting trip. Other receipts showed Davis had spent thousands of dollars on liquor, expensive dinners and a vacation using taxpayer funds.

The Mississippi auditor on Nov. 2 demanded Davis pay back more than $170,000 for personal expenses billed to taxpayers. There are no criminal charges from the auditor’s investigation. The FBI confirmed Dec. 7 that it was investigating Davis after the auditor’s probe showed possible violations of federal laws.

The 45-year-old mayor told The Commercial Appeal that he doesn’t remember what he bought at the store, which he visited on a recruitment trip with warehouse developers.

He had been married to his wife Suzann, whom he shares three daughters with, for 19 years, according to the city's Web site. Davis, who divorced this year, told The Commercial Appeal that he is gay. It was the first time he has revealed it publicly.