Mitt Romney and the Republican National Convention (RNC) delegates held court among the keen observers of the U.S. politics as the convention got off to a subdued start Monday, lasting barely a minute owing to concerns of Tropical Storm Isaac evolving into a full-fledged hurricane as it lashed Florida Sunday and continued to move ahead on its projected path toward New Orleans.

Reince Priebus rapped a gavel to declare open the gathering for business. Immediately, numbers began to flash across an electronic tally board placed high above the floor and labeled "Debt from Convention Start," that aimed to broadcast the steady government borrowing under Obama leadership throughout the convention, Newsday reported.

Meanwhile, Reuters noted that presidential candidate Mitt Romney would fly into Tampa Tuesday, where delegates will affirm Romney as the party's nominee for elections scheduled to commence November 6.

Delegates gathered at the convention faced pressure to avoid celebration while the Gulf Coast came under Isaac's onslaught.

Though Tampa was spared off Isaac's fury, a destructive landfall between northern Florida and Louisiana in the ensuing days with storm forecast to evolve into a hurricane is likely to spoil the mood at the convention.

The RNC also witnessed protests from two camps - Ron Paul's supporters and labor group who challenged Romney's candidature for the upcoming elections. However, protests were muted in comparison to the previous Republican conventions.

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