With Elon Musk reporting that sales for the Tesla (TSLA) Cybertruck have reached 250,000 units, one town in Mexico has reportedly purchased 15 of the electric trucks.

Mayor Adrián Esper Cárdenas of San Luis Potosí, Mexico, put a deposit of $1,500 of his own money down on 15 Cybertrucks, Business Insider reported. Tesla requires a $100 deposit on the trucks that cost from $49,900 to $69.900 each, which was reportedly a month’s salary for the mayor.

The decision to purchase the Cybertruck by Esper Cárdenas was “common sense” despite not receiving approval from his constituents about the purchase, which he said would save millions annually, the news outlet reported.

"The important thing is that regardless of the fact that the cost can be a little high, the benefit is that if you don't have to perform maintenance or put gas in them, you'll be able to save 24 million pesos a year, and with that you've paid back half of the investment," he said during a press conference after reserving the trucks.

Esper Cárdenas said he plans to use the Cybertrucks for police, trash collection, and other types of operations for the town, the news outlet said.

"It's not about speed, because we don't want speed. What we're looking for is torque in order to haul water pipes, the garbage trailers. They'll have twice the loads of a normal truck," he said.

Esper Cárdenas is also reportedly hoping for a discount from Musk as he said, "I reserved 10 two-motor and five three-motor models. We'll take a photo and send it to Elon Musk, see if he gives us a discount."

At the time of writing, it was unknown if Musk responded to the mayor’s request.

Shares of Tesla stock were up 1.65% as of 12:10 a.m. EST on Monday.

Tesla Cybertruck
A new Tesla Cybertruck image shows where the alleged hidden side cameras are located. Getty Images/Frederic J. BROWN