When Tesla launched the Cybertruck to the world, Tesla CEO Elon Musk no doubt had high hopes of a perfect reveal. But when the bulletproof glass failed to prove its resistance, the debut of the truck shattered to some degree. Tesla is far from the only automaker to have an unveiling event that didn’t quite go as planned. Here are six times that car companies were embarrassed by their vehicle reveal.


Electric car maker Faraday introduced its first vehicle – the Future FF91 – to great fanfare but consumers remembered the launch because of what went wrong and not what went right. At the time of the launch Faraday founder, Yeuting Jia, prompted the car to self-drive but nothing happened as the Future FF91 stayed firmly in place, which he blamed on the building’s roof inhibiting the signals to the car, but the failed attempt was still remembered (via WhoCanFixMyCar.com).


Volvo also had a not so proud moment when it unveiled the XC60. The reveal caused some panic as members of the Volvo team were actually hit by the car during the live event as the auto brake system failed to operate and detect pedestrians. Turns out the detection system was not activated at the time of the launch, which could have proved fatal. Watch it now.


Hyundai hasn’t been spared from embarrassment as the company unveiled the Palisade SUV to a crowd on the beach. The idea behind the launch was to prove the prowess of the SUV in the sand, but much to the dismay of the company, the vehicle was unable to traverse the terrain, shooting down its overall abilities and the expectations of the launch (via WhoCanFixMyCar.com).


Automaker Nissan also felt the feeling of defeat when it took the wraps off the Infiniti QX Inspiration at the Detroit Auto Show, which had to be pushed to the edge of the stage when it reportedly failed to move. While the company tried to laugh off the embarrassment, calling it a “diva” moment, the awkwardness was one that Nissan won’t soon forget. Watch that moment now. 


Chinese automaker LeEco hyped up the reveal of its LeSEE Automatic Electric car so much so that event attendees were shocked that the car failed to make an appearance. The LeSEE was actually MIA as it had been procured for a role in “Transformers 5,” leaving the crowd to wonder what they were actually in Los Angeles for. See it for yourself below.