Freedom and Justice Party candidate Mohammed Morsi
Freedom and Justice Party candidate Mohammed Morsi is the new Egyptian president Reuters

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi indicated that he fully intends to honor his country's peace treaty with Israel during his first press conference with Western media Tuesday.

Specifically, he addressed concerns about recent military operations to root out Islamist militants in the Sinai Peninsula, which borders Israel to the south.

The deployment of Egyptian troops in the region has caused some concern among some Israeli officials, who cited the two countries' 1979 treaty which stipulates against militarization of the Sinai Peninsula.

"Egypt is practicing its very normal role on its soil and does not threaten anyone and there should not be any kind of international or regional concerns at all from the presence of Egyptian security forces," Morsi said, adding that the campaign was "in full respect of international peace treaties."

Morsi's comments appear to be an attempt to allay fears among Western powers, Israel in particular, over his association with the Islamist political movement the Muslim Brotherhood, and to convince them that he intends to take a moderate approach with Egypt's leadership.