"Mortal Kombat X" will launch in 2015. Courtesy/NetherRealm

“Mortal Kombat X” will launch sometime in 2015, according to NetherRealm Studios creative director Ed Boon.

The Chicago-based game developer, which is a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Entertainment, also created 2013’s “Injustice: Gods Among Us” and 2011’s “Mortal Kombat.”

The game’s listing was leaked on Amazon UK over the weekend for the PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. The listing was removed by the popular online retailer, but "Mortal Kombat X" was officially unveiled today.

“Mortal Kombat X” will allow users to choose multiple versions of the game’s characters, with each version possessing different abilities during gameplay.

The reveal trailer features “Mortal Kombat” mainstays Scorpion and Sub-Zero in combat. NetherRealm promises to present more info about the game during E3 next week.