A woman in India's central state of Madhya Pradesh allegedly slit the throat of her 1-year-old daughter after the toddler constantly cried for milk. The shocking incident reportedly took place late Thursday in a village just miles away from the state's capital Bhopal.

The woman was arrested for killing her daughter with a sharp weapon. According to local reports, the woman was alone with the child when the incident took place. 

While talking to the media, local police officer C.B. Singh said the woman acted violently after she got irritated with the child and used a sickle for the murder.

“The child was crying for milk and the mother was working in the kitchen. She got irritated and lost her temper. She took the sickle and struck her, killing her instantly,” Singh said.

After killing the child, the woman locked up the house and left to visit a relative’s house. One of her relatives reportedly suspected something was wrong and went to the woman's house. The relative forced the door open and found the infant in a pool of blood. 

Police arrived at the scene and arrested the woman after sending the child's body for autopsy. Local officials said an investigation is underway.

Last month, a woman in the southern Indian state of Kerala killed her 14-year-old son by strangling him with a piece of her cloth in a fit of rage. The woman later filed a missing complaint but during questioning by police, admitted to killing her son. The boy’s burnt remains were recovered from an empty plot a few miles away from the house on Jan. 17.