A British climber lost his life after summiting Mount Everest on Saturday. With this, the death toll on the world's tallest mountain this climbing season has reached 10.

The latest casualty recorded on the Everest is 44-year-old Robin Fisher from Britain, who fell ill after he had descended just 150 meters from the summit.

Reports have said that here has been overcrowding and queuing of climbers near the summit last few days.

According to India Today, the death toll this year stands at 18, based on government data.

What actually happened with Fisher

Fischer started his descent Saturday but fell and died only 150m down from the summit. Murari Sharma of the Everest Parivar Expedition said some guides tried to help after he collapsed but couldn't save him.

For this spring climbing season, 378 climbers from 41 teams had got permits from Nepal to climb the Everest. This rise in the number of climbing permits issued had come under criticism.

The season generally runs from March to May when the chances of snow and rain are less and the weather is relatively warmer. But this year has been different.

The bad weather conditions and high winds have offered short time windowns for climbers to try for the summit, causing the crowding. The number of climbers this year could beat the previous year's record of 807 people.

On Friday, Irish climber Kevin Hynes, 56,  died on the northern Tibet side of Everest. He died in his tent at 23,000 ft  after he had turned back before arriving at the summit. 

Apart from Hynes, four other climbers from India have died on the Everest slopes this season, as have one American, Austrian and a Nepalese climber.

Another Irish climber, Séamus Lawless, was  declared dead after falling from the mountain but a search for his body was called off. Five climbers lost their lives on Everest last year.