A monkey protects her young from the cold on the outskirts of Jammu, India January 9, 2008. Reuters

Even after viral worldwide news coverage on Thursday, authorities still don't know the identity of an Indian girl found living with a pack of wild monkeys in a wildlife sanctuary. She may be forced to live in an orphanage, authorities said.

The girl, who has been dubbed "Mowgli" because of similarities with the feral child protagonist from Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book," does not speak any language or write, so authorities have not been able to ask her about her identity or how long she was living in the wild. The girl has only recently started to walk upright after police found her living with monkeys at the Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, near the Nepalese border. When she was found, she walked on all fours and, like her primate companions, and screeched at approaching humans. She has been living in a local hospital since she was discovered two months ago, the Times of India reported.

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"We’ve put adverts in the newspapers, we have interviewed many people in the region. No one knows anything about her," Inspector Ram Avtar Singh told the Daily Mail Thursday. "We fear her parents abandoned her because of her mental problems. The government’s child protection department will now take charge of her."

A doctor at the hospital said the girl was physically healthy, but not "mentally fit."

"She sits on the bed all day. She does nothing. She roams here and there a little," Dr. Krishnakant Verma told the Daily Mail. But Verma also said the girl has been improving by the day.

"When she arrived here she walked with her hands and she would eat food off the floor. She can now walk and eat by herself," Verma said. "She doesn't speak at all, nothing, but she tries by mumbling things we cannot understand."