Mozilla, the open-source software company and maker of the Firefox web browser, declared is support of the European Competition Commission antitrust investigation of Microsoft who claims the tech giant is harming web browsers competition and ultimately reducing consumers choices.

Mitchell Baker, Mozilla Corporation's chief executive, wrote a blog over the weekend, saying that she had not the single smallest iota of doubt that the latest European antitrust accusation of Microsoft illegally connecting its Internet Explorer browser to its Windows operating system was true.

Microsoft's business practices have fundamentally diminished competition, choice and innovation in how people access the Internet, she went on to say.

I'll be paying close attention to the European Commission's activities, both personally and on behalf of Mozilla, she added.

Mozilla is ready and willing to offer advice to the European Commission on the remedy imposed on Microsoft. Mozilla won't be the first, or the last.

On Sunday, Opera, the Scandinavian -based browser company, whose accusation triggered the latest Brussels complaint against Microsoft. Opera said on Sunday that Baker's comments are well –formulated and welcome.