• Video of the creature slithering in an Indian store has gone viral
  • Social media users have likened the animal to hyena and mongoose
  • The true identity of the mysterious creature remains undisclosed

Cryptids like the Yeti, Big Foot, werewolves, El Chupacabra, Mothman, the Jersey Devil, or Loch Ness Monster have it's set of believers, but their existence has yet to be backed by science. While that mystery continues, a new species in the animal kingdom might soon be identified after a baffling creature was seen slithering inside an Indian store this week.

A video of the strange animal that appeared to be scaling the shelves of a wooden works shop in a north Indian state's rural district went viral on social media. Internet sleuths racked their heads, but no one could come up with a definite answer regarding the animal's origins, reported Times Now.

The animal was seen moving like a feline climbs furniture, using its front and hind limbs in tandem to support the upward movement. The creature's face bore resemblance to that of a rodent. Its slender hairless body closely resembled that of a furless civet cat, and that is the only speculation as to what the animal could be, the outlet further noted.

People puzzled by this sighting have been taking guesses about its identity, which remains undisclosed. "Civet cat without furr?", commented one, while another said, "I think it's a chupacabra." Other comments likened the creature to a hairless hyena. Another mentioned it could be a mongoose who was severely injured in a fire incident or was attacked by dogs.

However, nobody has been definitively able to identify the creature.

Late last month, a fisherman in Texas claimed to have spotted a "half-man, half-dog" animal walking along a riverbank. He managed to film some footage in which a huge figure crouched on four limbs appears to drink from a water body, and walks away on two.

Earlier this year, a jogger on Australia's Bondi Beach spotted a washed-up "weird alien-like creature". The jogger posted the video on Facebook with the caption, "Can someone please tell me what this weird alien-like creature is that was washed up on the beach at Bondi today."

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People came up with various guesses in the comments section of the post. "Could be bloated from being at the surface, if it belonged in deep water," wrote one, while another joked, "This is someone's Mother-in-law."

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