A media firm for Elon Musk’s ventures, including SpaceX, has accused NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine of openly distorting the company’s response following the Crew Dragon explosion. After the mishap, Bridenstine allegedly focused the blame on SpaceX by criticizing the company’s communication procedures.

The Crew Dragon explosion happened on April 20 during a static fire test for the capsule’s abort system. The incident destroyed the capsule and delayed NASA’s plans for crewed orbital flights.

NASA and SpaceX have already stated that they intend to work together regarding the investigation on the incident. Recently, however, Bridenstine slammed SpaceX for failing to immediately inform NASA regarding the explosion.

According to the administrator, NASA intends to implement a new system that will ensure rapid communications in the event of another accident or mishap.

“Within a couple of hours, we’re going to do a press conference and get as much information out to the public as soon as possible,” Bridenstine told Space News.

Bridenstine’s statement, however, was contradicted by Eric Berger, the senior space editor for Ars Technica. According to Berger, an official from NASA confirmed that SpaceX immediately notified the space agency regarding the incident. He noted that SpaceX informed NASA within minutes after the explosion.

Berger’s comment coincides with a previous blog post from NASA, which stated that SpaceX and the space agency acted immediately following the incident by executing the mishap plans prepared by the two partners.

According media company Teslarati, which provides news and updates for Tesla and SpaceX, there are numerous sources that strongly suggest that Bridenstine could be trying to manipulate the events that transpired after the Crew Dragon explosion.

Whether Bridenstine’s comments were made intentionally or accidentally, they still affect SpaceX’s reputation and the company’s ability to handle serious situations. As confirmed by NASA and its other officials, SpaceX did not fall short when it came to notifying the space agency and releasing a public statement to address the events surrounding the Crew Dragon explosion.

As for Bridenstine, he is yet to release a statement to clarify his earlier comments or to address NASA’s stance regarding SpaceX’s response to the incident.