Scott C. Waring has spent a lifelong search for aliens supposedly hidden in NASA photos or videos. This time, he's claiming that a giant alien ship may have come close to the International Space Station.

According to Waring, he spotted the object while he was looking at NASA's live internet cameras. Initially, Waring claimed that he thought the UFO appeared small but looking at it up close makes it huge. He said that it was around 30-50 meters away from the space station. Waring also explained that there is no way that object was man-made nor was it the Crew Dragon capsule. He said that it could not be the "top secret remote control mini shuttle called the X-37B," so eliminating those meant that the only possible answer is it could be an alien craft.

Waring noted that while it was supposedly partially cloaked, the spacecraft became clearer when sunlight bounced off it. He described it as possibly a thick round cylinder, although it looks more complex. He claimed that NASA intentionally distorts the live cam feed, so that the public will remain oblivious.

Apart from this, Waring previously claimed in another post that NASA chooses asteroids to study depending on the "closest, slowest and with the most alien tech on it." He argued that asteroid Bennu, which made headlines recently due to its quick motion, has abandoned ships, pyramids, towers and buildings.

For Waring, the structures appeared beaten up because they have been left on the asteroid for millions of years. He added that NASA doesn't want people to know that the asteroid has more exciting things to offer aside from rocks scattered around. Waring claimed he only reported what he found in one photo and 30 more photos could possibly reveal more secrets.  

Waring not only posted his findings on his site, but he has also reached out to Elon Musk and asked the latter to investigate his findings. He also invited Musk before for a business meeting. Unfortunately, the SpaceX founder has yet to reply to Waring's requests on Twitter.

SpaceX Crew Dragon A UFO hunter claims NASA is hiding alien findings and information. Pictured: SpaceX's unmanned Crew Dragon capsule (right) is carried on the Go Searcher recovery ship on March 9, 2019 as it is brought into the Trident Turning Basin at Port Canaveral, Florida. Photo: Paul Hennessy/Getty Images