A mysterious fleck on what appears to be a flying bird was said to have been captured in one of the photos taken by the NASA rover Curiosity.

According to Mashable, the mysterious figure supposedly appeared in a video uploaded by user Sandra Elena Andrade. It was, however, picked up UFO enthusiast or “UFOlogist” Scott Waring who runs the website ET Database. Waring then gave his own interesting insight into the image.

In a surprising theory, Waring shared that the image proved a long talked about conspiracy theory: all the images that NASA’s rover Curiosity has shot did not originate from the Red Planet but was taken from somewhere on Earth. The Curiosity rover has been exploring the surface of Mars particularly the Gale Crater for the last seven years.

The space vehicle was put there to help scientists study the climate and geology of the Red Planet and discover the existence of possible life on Mars. However, the photo that was taken over a week ago cast doubt on the agency’s years of research.

Waring said that he believes the black speck is really a bird and if that’s the case then it was taken somewhere on Earth that looks a lot like Planet Mars. The UFOlogist suggested that it might have been taken in Devon Island in Canada, a barren landscape which surface looks identical to Mars’ dry and dusty surface.

"This is impossible, and yet, there it is...captured in a photo on a NASA website. Of course, it could be a UFO. Aliens like to use nature to inspire their structures and ships. But it looks like a soaring eagle...which if that's true, may mean one of two things...either animal exist on Mars or...and I hate this idea, but it needs to be considered...the rover might not be on Mars at all, but on Devon Island in Canada. Devon is a desolate island area with only a hand full of people and NASA has gone there many times to test the rovers in an environment similar to Mars," Waring said on a post.

However, skeptics of Waring’s theory also pointed out that the black speck could be nothing more than a lens flare.

Mars Curiosity Photo
This image was taken by Navcam: Right B (NAV_RIGHT_B) onboard NASA's Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 2438 (2019-06-16 03:53:59 UTC). NASA/JPL-Caltech