Alien conspiracy theorists are having a field day on what’s claimed to be one of the biggest discoveries that NASA’s Curiosity rover has ever captured.

According to a report, a peculiar “alien dome” can be seen in one of the photos taken by NASA’s mobile machine. The observation is courtesy of Scott Waring, an alien theorist who posts his findings on the blog

“This is the most recent photo from the Mars rover. “This is the most recent photo from the Mars rover. This ancient dome on Mars has stood the test of time. I have reported this dome when it was further away, but never before have we seen it so close as now," Waring said in his post.

Per Waring, the dome is actually well hidden among Mars’ rocky surface but that it is obvious that the top of the dome stands out among its surroundings. The blogger described the surface of the dome as reflective and that it was made so that it can reflect heat yet still keep the interior of the dome cool.

The blogger also said that he has pointed out the dome before, but it was too far to make any significant theory. But now the rover is already getting closer to the area Waring claims the dome is located and he is elated to see a better picture of the structure.

“It looks like the NASA rover is driving in this direction, so let's keep our fingers crossed. We may see an entrance or ancient writing on its walls when close.”

NASA’s Curiosity rover has covered approximately 13 miles of Martian landscape, encompassing mostly the Gale crater region of the Red Planet. The machine has made some significant progress and even recently detected a sudden spike in methane gas. The gas has always been associated with organic life, so NASA scientists believe that this is an important discovery in the space agency’s search for life outside of Earth.

However, some followers of the rover are actually quite frustrated at how slow it seems to be moving. The speed is forgivable considering how treacherous the Red Planet’s surface is and any unnecessary movement could damage the $2.5 billion mission.

NASA Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity Wdowiak Ridge
This vista from NASA Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity shows Wdowiak Ridge, from left foreground to center, as part of a northward look with the rover tracks visible at right. NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell Univ./Arizona State Univ.
Rocks: Windows to History of Mars NASA/JPL/Cornell