When it comes to finding images that seem out of place in alien regions like planet Mars, UFOlogists and alien theorists can be relied on when it comes to finding odd yet interesting shapes that keep space enthusiasm up. 

Mars, in particular, is a hotbed of odd shapes and curiosities thanks to the thousands of photos beamed back by NASA instruments such as the reliable Mars Curiosity rover. For years, we’ve encountered a good number of “discoveries” from Curiosity’s photos of the Martian surface, including finding animals such as pigs, rats and even penguins. 

Discoveries of humanoid figures such as a woman wearing a long dress or finding the face of a Syrian god have also been recorded, suggesting theories that show alien civilizations might have lived on planet Mars and then left. 

The latest “discovery” is courtesy of infamous UFOlogist, Scott Waring, whose website ETDatabase.com has provided conspiracy theorists and space fans with daily doses of alien details. Waring has discovered another “face” on the Red Planet, this time though it looks reptilian in origin. 

According to the post, aside from the face, what’s interesting about the photo that was taken by the Curiosity rover is the “carved walls it was built into.” Waring described the walls to look like those carved by ancient Egyptians. 

And much like the Egyptian counterpart which has carved faces of gods, pharaohs and animals, the Martian wall has the reptilian face. Looking at the photo, the face also appears to be humanoid with a prominent nose, eyes, mouth and cheeks. The wall where the reptilian face was found measures around 0.3 meters or 1 foot in height. Waring suggested that whoever carved the face into the wall is likely short, suggesting small extraterrestrials. 

As interesting as the findings are, however, most should be taken lightly because Waring has been known for releasing dubious insights into various photos, such as the “pig” picture and the photo of the “flying bird” that he claims were actually taken somewhere on Earth, specifically Canada.  

He also believes that some structures on the Red Planet are artifacts left behind by an “ancient civilization” that once thrived on the planet. Warring’s former website, UFO Sightings Daily, also closed down but not before sharing some spectacular theories about space.