When it comes to conspiracy theories and alien concepts, UFOlogists have an exceptionally keen eye and very broad acknowledgment of odd shapes and figures found on official NASA photos and videos.

Some of the images are quite peculiar such as finding animals on Planet Mars or discovering an alien base on the Moon. NASA scientists usually don’t acknowledge these discoveries, but there are those that actually get an actual explanation from the national space agency.

Despite being unnoticed for their findings, UFOlogists continue to look and share whatever exciting sightings they encounter. One of the latest is the supposed “discovery” of an ancient Indian weapon called “vel” in one of the Moon craters. The new sighting was disclosed by self-declared UFO theorist Scott Waring who posted a photo and a video on ETDatabase.

According to Waring, he found the letters “VEL” beside what looks like an image of an arrow pointing up on one of the rocks in a Moon crater. A vel is believed to be a divine spear or scepter that’s associated with Murugan, a war goddess of the ancient Tamils. It is often used during battles and was said to have been a gift by the war goddess for her son as a weapon to protect him from harm.

Waring’s outrageous theory went on to say that the goddess pertained in the Indian mythology is not an actual god but an advanced alien race that was considered god-like. The vel in question is then a gift given to humans. “Much like Thor was given a hammer from his father,” Waring said.

Aside from this, the spearhead beside the letters VEL is said to be pointing towards the direction where the ancient weapon is hidden. Waring also said that the Moon is the perfect hiding place for such a powerful weapon that could prove to be lethal if it lands on the wrong hands.

The ancient weapon theory is only one of the most interesting Moon theories that Waring suggested. He also gave insight into possible alien structures, including buildings and landing strips with spaceships on the surface of the Moon that he discovered via the NASA Moon Index.

He claimed that structures look silver in NASA photos and that most of the buildings actually look old. Warring said that despite their age, the buildings and even spaceships judging on the “white reflective windows” have remained intact because of the space vacuum. Because of this, the UFOlogist believes that the space vehicles and even the buildings can be taken over by private individuals who have grand plans of setting up a station or colony on the Moon such as Jeff Bezos and his Blue Origins program or perhaps Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

Moon orbiting Earth from 3.9 million miles
Eight days after its encounter with the Earth, the Galileo spacecraft was able to look back and capture this remarkable view of the Moon in orbit about the Earth, taken from a distance of about 6.2 million kilometers (3.9 million miles). NASA/JSC