Steph Curry, LeBron James, NBA All-Star 2021
Stephen Curry and LeBron James were teammates in the 2021 NBA All-Star Game @NBA on Twitter


  • LeBron James and Steph Curry helped Team LeBron to a 170-150 win over Team Durant in the 2021 NBA All-Star Game
  • James scored just four points in 13 minutes of action, while Curry had 28 markers
  • James is delighted with the chance to finally play alongside Curry

The 2021 NBA All-Star Game featured the union of two of the game’s biggest stars today in LeBron James and Stephen Curry.

For the first time in their basketball careers, James and Curry played in the same uniform on the NBA court.

James, who was the top vote-getter among this year’s batch of All-Stars, was named a team captain, opposite the top vote-getter in the Eastern Conference, Kevin Durant.

During the All-Star Draft, James selected Curry as one of his starters. "King James" played sparingly and scored just 4 points in 13 minutes of action, while the Golden State Warriors talisman put on quite the show with 28 points and an NBA All-Star record of eight three-pointers.

Curry was visibly having a good time out on the floor, catching lobs and shooting from mid-court on multiple-occasions.

It was also the continuation of an already hot-shooting night for Curry, who had won the Three-Point Shootout prior to the All-Star Game.

Steph Curry, 2021 3-Point Shootout
Steph Curry kisses the 2021 NBA 3-Point Shootout trophy @NBA on Instagram

In the end, James, Curry and the rest of Team LeBron came out victorious with the 170-150 win over Team Durant.

For everyone who was tuned into the game--even James himself--getting to watch "Chef Curry" cook was quite the sight to behold.

“Finally got to share the floor with [Steph Curry]. Well overdue, and I loved every second of it,” James said in a tweet.

James and Curry have shared the floor several times before but as rivals. The two have gone against each other as opponents in multiple All-Star Games in the past, but the bulk of their rivalry stems from their multiple NBA Finals matchups.

For four-straight years, James and the Cleveland Cavaliers met Curry and the Warriors in the Finals.

Curry responded to LeBron’s tweet, highlighting the interesting fact that they were both born in Akron, Ohio.

James also gave a shout-out to Portland Trailblazers guard and Team LeBron member Damian Lillard, who also put on a mid-court shooting clinic alongside Curry.

Lillard finished with 17 points on eight of 16 from the three-point range.

With the NBA All-Star Game’s current drafting format, it’s highly likely that this won’t be the first time James and Curry get to play as teammates.