The Lakers have found an effective solution to some of the possible challenges the team may face next season.

In the newly rebuilt Lakers team, Avery Bradley appears to stand out especially in the recent practice sessions. After impressive reviews from the team, Bradley seemed like he’s not done yet. Apparently, Bradley isn’t only working on his on-court game but also on the mentality he wants to have coming into the next season.

Bradley struggled to fit-in with the Clippers last season. In 49 games, he averaged just 8.2 points and shooting 38.3 percent before being traded to Memphis at the deadline. In Memphis, Bradley quickly found the rhythm in just 14 games and improved to 16.1 points and four assists while shooting 46.3 percent.

Now that he is playing for the Lakers, Bradley wants to continue his progress and prove to everybody that he can still do more, The OCR reported.

“Last year I feel like I was able to get a better groove once I got to Memphis, but this is a whole new season, a whole new opportunity for me to prove myself and prove what I can do,” Bradley said during Lakers Media Day on Friday.

Bradley has been noted as a tight defender in his past teams. The Lakers could really use him to stop the elite scorers in the league. However, the former Celtic plans to even bring his defensive game to another level together with the Lakers.

“I’m gonna try to prove and show the world that I’m the best perimeter defender in the NBA,” Bradley vowed.

Speaking of being a former Celtic, Rajon Rondo, who is also a former Celtic expressed his thoughts about Bradley. According to Rondo, Bradley carries a good attitude with him even during their Celtics days.

“That’s my little brother,” Rondo said about Bradley. “He was willing to listen from the jump. Anything I asked him to do, he never questioned it, he just did it,” Rondo revealed.

Lakers head coach Frank Vogel is also pleased with what he is witnessing from Bradley. In a media scrum during Lakers Media Day, Vogel revealed that everybody in Lakers was talking about Bradley’s tenaciousness.

“All anybody’s talking about is Avery Bradley’s tenaciousness. That speaks volumes about what he’s been able to show in the first couple of days,” Vogel said.

All told, the Lakers could utilize Bradley whenever there will be a need for extensive defensive efforts. With his versatility as a point guard and shooting guard, the Lakers can also make better rotations with Bradley depending on the demands of the game.

Avery Bradley posed for the camera during Lakers Media Day Orange County Register