• LA Clippers head coach Doc Rivers handed over the team's play sheet to Patrick Beverley
  • Beverley was the only player Rivers trusted after Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo
  • Beverley wants Clippers to become better as a team

LA Clippers head coach Doc Rivers revealed that Patrick Beverley earned his trust like Chris Paul did.

The Clippers made a franchise history game against the New York Knicks after three players scored 30 or more in the same game. Following the historic night, Rivers revealed he has begun the process of entrusting more of the team's offensive playcalling to their versatile point guard Beverley.

During a post-game interview, Rivers also emphasized that the handing over of the team’s play sheet was something he has done with just two other point guards in his 20-plus seasons as head coach – former Clipper point guard Paul and former Celtic Rajon Rondo.

"We're doing a lot of things. We're giving him a play sheet before, and we leave it out so he can stare at them during every timeout," Rivers said about Beverley.

"You can see him grabbing it, and he's really trying to do this and be good at it. I've done it to two guards where I've actually given them my play sheet, you know Chris and Rondo. Other than that, I don't give anybody else that sheet because they can't handle it,” Rivers added.

Rivers said that Beverley got the full support of the coaching staff as they “slowly add things” to the said play sheet. A procedure in which the veteran coach finds Beverley is doing great at.

"And we're starting to slowly add things to that sheet for Pat, and he's getting better and better at it. It's been very good for him," Rivers said.

Chris Paul Los Angeles Clippers
Chris Paul, pictured in Game 7 of the Western Conference Quarterfinals at Staples Center on April 30, 2017 in Los Angeles, could leave the L.A. Clippers for the San Antonio Spurs as a free agent. Getty Images

Beverley returned Sunday from a three-game absence with a sprained right wrist. Despite recording only six points in his return, the 8-year veteran dished out six assists, grabbed five rebounds and never turned the ball over the entire game.

In a recent interview with ClutchPoints, Beverley addressed the Clippers’ current struggles as a unit. According to him, the team knows what they are capable of and it’s just a matter of figuring it out “collectively.”

“I think we wake up every day knowing exactly who the f--k we are every night. It’s just for us to go out there and put it together collectively as a unit. That takes time. But we will be better. We have some time to practice and get better at the things we need to get better at whether it’s attention to detail defensively or attention to detail offensively,” Beverley pointed out.

Patrick Beverley
Patrick Beverley #2 of the Houston Rockets brings the ball down court against the Denver Nuggets at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado, Dec. 2, 2016. Getty Images