• Darko Milicic was drafted in 2003 ahead of Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade
  • Anthony responded “Who?” when Darko’s name was mentioned on the live video
  • Milicic won a NBA championship in his rookie year

The news reached former NBA center Darko Milicic and he wasted no time in giving his thoughts on the video where Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony seemingly made fun of him when he was dragged to their conversation in an Instagram live video.

The 34-year old Serbian was drafted second overall in the 2003 NBA Draft by the Detroit Pistons behind top pick LeBron James, and ahead of Melo, Chris Bosh, and D-Wade but didn’t live up to the expectation. A one-word response by Melo when Wade mentioned his name was taken differently by the public.

The seven-foot big man responded to the video with class and respect to the two NBA All-Stars. As quoted by a Serbian media outlet, “About these stories, well wasn’t my story already told, they thank God made it – I didn’t,” the lefty center said via Heat Nation transcript. “We’re not kids, we’re grown men, I hope you’re mature enough to understand that life is full of rises and falls,” he added.

“Advice to them, because I think of them as more or less the good guys, is to not judge and mock when, thank God you didn’t go through the path that I went through,” shared Darko, who had a hard time making a name for himself in the NBA.

The 2003 draft class is considered to be one of the greatest draft class as it produced some of the best basketball players of today just with the first five picks alone. Darko, an unknown European prospect back then, may have failed to establish himself as a household name in the league but he ended his NBA career with a championship – the first one to get a title among the players from that batch.

“To them I wish all the best as always and I salute their careers, all the best in further life and lots of success and less judgements,” said Milicic, who also had played with Orlando Magic, Memphis Grizzlies, New York Knicks, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Boston Celtics before retiring from the NBA the following year.

Darko Milicic 2008
Former NBA player Darko Milicic, left, is considered one of the biggest draft busts in NBA history. Reuters