The NBA is gearing up for draft day in June. Getty

The NBA Draft Lottery gets under Tuesday night, with 14 teams seeking to land a high spot in the June 22 draft. The lottery gets underway at 8 p.m. ET in New York, before Game 2 of the Western Conference finals between the San Antonio Spurs and Golden State Warriors, and can be seen on ESPN and viewed online at WatchESPN.

The fate of the teams will be decided by ping-pong balls, with the process taking place in a separate room. Teams' chances of winning of a top pick are based on a certain number of four-number combinations, based on their record, though the lottery only decides the top three picks.

The Boston Celtics, who received their pick from the Brooklyn Nets through a trade, have the best chance to get the top pick with 250 ping-pong ball combinations, while the Phoenix Suns have 199 and Los Angeles Lakers have 156. The worst pick the Celtics can get is No. 4.

There is no consensus top player in this year's class. Markelle Fultz of Washington, Lonzo Ball of UCLA and Josh Jackson of Kansas are considered among the best players in the nation.

Odds to receive the No. 1 pick:

1. Boston (via Brooklyn) 25%
2. Phoenix 19.9%
3. *L.A. Lakers 15.6%
4. Philadelphia 11.9%
5. Orlando 8.8%
6. Minnesota 5.3%
7. New York 5.3%
8. *Sacramento 2.8%
9. Dallas 1.7%
10. *New Orleans 1.1%
11. Charlotte 0.8%
12. Detroit 0.7%
13. Denver 0.6%
14. Miami 0.5%

* = picks affected by trades.