• The Golden State Warriors are a different squad in the current season 
  • They are favored to win the draft lottery in the upcoming draft
  • Trading their top pick is a possible move for the franchise

After five consecutive Finals appearances and three titles, the Golden State Warriors have stepped back as the dominant squad in the NBA. They are currently the favorites to win the top pick in the upcoming draft, as they are last in the team standings.

This season has been an off-year for them with multiple injuries that derailed their progress. Two-time MVP Steph Curry was sidelined for most of the time as he recovered from his hand surgery.

His partner, one-half of the splash brothers Klay Thompson is also due for a comeback. The three-point specialist tore his ACL in the final game of last year’s finals where he was already on pace to deliver another big game 6 performance.

This year is a completely new look for the Warriors as their current roster features a different set of players from their championship days. Despite the struggle, they remain persistent in making moves that set them up for bigger success moving forward.

During the offseason, they acquired former All-Star D’Angelo Russell and eventually traded him former number 1 overall pick, Andrew Wiggins. The additional firepower Wiggins brings mirrors Harrison Barnes’ role during their 73-9 season.

With these pieces moving, the Warriors are bound for a big comeback when the league settles down.

While teams are looking to add more assets in the draft, it’s speculated that the Warriors could possibly trade their lottery pick. The top prospects include LaMelo Ball and Edwards. These two are ball-handling guards who have to adjust with the presence of the splash brothers dominating the backcourt. In addition, James Wiseman is also a good option for the Warriors as a main big man.

While their additional firepower can serve any team in the league, the Warriors can gather more experienced and proven stars across the NBA. Developing a star rookie can be good but trading for a star with veteran NBA experience can also benefit the team more who is gunning for a title.

With whatever move the Warriors will make in the coming months, the Bay Area squad is still looking forward to bouncing back after this season.

Golden State's Draymond Green (L) and Ky Bowman celebrate on the way to the Warriors' NBA win over the Houston Rockets
Golden State's Draymond Green (L) and Ky Bowman celebrate on the way to the Warriors' NBA win over the Houston Rockets GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Thearon W. Henderson