LeBron James and Steph Curry shared some words in Game 1. Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Larry Bird and Michael Jordan didn't shy away from some fun trash talk to their opponents.

Bird's longtime Boston Celtics teammate Kevin McHale recalled a game in which an impatient and irritated Bird told him he was going to shoot a three-pointer to end a late comeback by the Phoenix Suns and then told the Suns bench the same thing. "Yeah, I’m just fixing to bust a three on you guys and just go home. I’m tired of this," McHale quoted Bird saying to the Suns in an interview on "The Dan Patrick Show."

"As the ball is in the air, he kind of turns toward the Phoenix bench and yells ‘told you so,’ and starts running to the locker room. It went in," McHale said.

Jordan's trash talking was a bit more personal but just as ruthless. Also on "The Dan Patrick Show," Shaquille O'Neal recounted a story in which Jordan gave his Orlando Magic teammate Nick Anderson advanced notice about how he would disrespect him.

"I'm coming down. I'm going to dribble it between my legs twice. I'm going to pump fake and then I'm going to shoot a jumper. And then I'm going to look at you," O'Neal quoted Jordan as saying to Anderson. "That's exactly what he did."

After Game 1 of the NBA Finals, in which the Golden State Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers in overtime, a trash talk precedent may have been set for the rest of the series, though perhaps not as humorous or cunning as some of the stories from Bird and Jordan.

When Stephen Curry nailed a three-point halftime buzzer-beater from 38 feet, he turned toward the Oracle Arena crowd and counted down the points and stuck out his tongue to the fans' delight.

There was more talking — between Curry and LeBron James — prompting ESPN reporter Doris Burke to ask Curry after the game about an exchange following one notable play. After James blocked a Curry layup with less than a minute remaining, Curry and James started a dialogue while play continued at the other end of the court. James would shove Curry away from him, but the two kept talking, with Klay Thompson trying to separate the two stars.

"[James] made a great block and started talking some trash, so I talked some trash back," Curry said. "After that, it's just a bunch of nonsense. It has nothing to do with the game."

ESPN reporter Brian Windhorst said on "The Lowe Post" podcast that Curry told James something to the extent of, "Boy, you couldn’t let me have that one?" in a joking manner, as the game was essentially over.

James is then reported to have replied something along the lines of "get the f--- out of my face." Windhorst also cited basketball pundit David Thorpe, who posted on Twitter: “Here's what I saw on the Curry-LeBron exchange: Bron got the block. Curry sweetly made a joke about something like ‘c’mon man let me have that one’ and Bron said 'get out of my face.'"

Then there's the case of famed antagonizer Draymond Green.

After the Curry-James interaction, Tristan Thompson's foul on Shaun Livingston led to Thompson being ejected. But before Thompson could exit the court, Green chose to send a message to Thompson by doing some talking that got under Thompson's skin.

Tempers would flare, as Thompson became agitated and would shove the ball into Green's face, which seemed to be just the type of reaction that Green was seeking. Thompson appeared to shout at Green to meet him in the back, according to USA Today.

Moments later, Green would energize the home crowd by raising his arms as he headed to the bench and after Thompson had made his way into the locker room.

Thompson, meanwhile, was fined $25,000 for not leaving the court in a timely manner.

Game 2 tips off at 8:00 p.m. ET on Sunday.