• Kobe Bryant asked for a teammate's help to learn an incredible way of shooting the ball
  • Bryant used unusual approaches to develop his game
  • Bryant learned to practice shooting after lifting hard

A former Los Angeles Lakers guard revealed how Kobe Bryant learned an incredible way to shoot the ball.

Brian Shaw was a back-up point guard for the Lakers during the team’s championship years in early 2000s. As one of the veterans on the roster, Shaw has played a significant role in developing Bryant’s game. In fact, during a team practice, Shaw recalled how Bryant asked for his help in perfecting an incredible way of shooting the basketball.

According to Shaw, Bryant was trying to score even when a defender is all over him. At some point, Bryant decided to learn how to still shoot the ball when a defender would slap or smack his arm while in the act of shooting, Basketball Network reported.

“He’d make a post move, and he told me to slap his arms and elbows and pull his arms down as hard as I could. He would make a move, and I would pull his arm down, and he would say: ‘No! Do it as hard as you can, harder than that!’ So I was literally smacking his arms and his elbows as hard as I could when he was trying to shoot, and we did that for a good 20 minutes,” Shaw recalled.

As expected, the five-time NBA champ was struggling to score a bucket. But after a few minutes, Bryant started to surprise Shaw by consistently draining shots while his arms are being slapped and pulled down.

“At first, he was struggling to get the ball up, but then it got to a point with his strength he was able to work through all the stuff that I was doing and score. He was consistently making every shot,” Shaw revealed.

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Kobe Bryant has less than three weeks left in his NBA career. Getty

Bryant is widely known for mastering his craft by using approaches that a typical NBA player can never imagine. In his book “Mamba Mentality,” Bryant revealed that he also figured out a way to improve his shooting while developing his muscles. According to the Lakers legend, he created a routine where he would lift as hard as he can and shoot afterwards.

“Over the meat of my career, whether we were in season or it was summer, I would lift for 90 minutes on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. When I say lift, I mean, heavy, hard can’t feel your arms type of lift. After that, I would go into the gym and shoot,” Bryant revealed.