• Kobe Bryant found a workout that works for his shooting
  • Bryant switched workout routines but not his philosophy
  • Bryant learned to use referees to gain advantage during games

Los Angeles Lakers icon Kobe Bryant unveiled one of the workout routines that worked for his shooting during his prime.

While LeBron James and Michael Jordan are better known for their highflying dunks, Bryant’s most memorable moments were courtesy of his clutch and unbelievable shooting. But like some of the best shooters in the NBA before him, “Black Mamba” also worked his way into becoming a lethal shooter.

In his book “The Mamba Mentality,” the Lakers legend explained how he surprisingly devised a workout routine that has worked for his shooting. According to Bryant, he approached lifting weights and getting physically stronger to up his game and to become a better competitor.

Bryant started lifting weights at the age of 17, roughly the time when he was still an NBA rookie. As per the five-time champ, there was nothing fancy about it and he just wanted to gain more muscle. At some point, Bryant decided to shoot after lifting and evidently, it worked out for him during games, Basketball Network reported.

“Over the meat of my career, whether we were in season or it was summer, I would lift for 90 minutes on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. When I say lift, I mean, heavy, hard can’t feel your arms type of lift. After that, I would go into the gym and shoot,” Bryant revealed.

Being known for mastering his craft, Bryant also said that he would switch up his routines every now and then. However, he didn’t channel other NBA players who totally switched their regimens to adapt to the game. Instead, Bryant stated that his philosophy stayed the same throughout his entire career.

“Over the years, my routine might have changed some, but my philosophy never did. If something has worked for other greats before you, and if something is working for you, why change it up and embrace some new fad? Stick with what works, even if it’s unpopular,” Bryant stated.

Kobe Bryant LeBron James
Bryant and James have made a combined 24 All-Star teams. Reuters

Another interesting revelation from Bryant was the strategy he learned in order to gain advantage during games. Apparently, Bryant managed to grasp that every referee on the court was in charge of a specific part. And from there, only in Bryant’s perspective, can a player comprehend how to make use of the refs to have leverage in every possession.

“One of the rules I gleaned from it was that each referee has a designated slot where he is supposed to be on the floor. If the ball, for instance, is in place W, referees X, Y, and Z each have an area on the court assigned to them,” Bryant revealed.