• Former Wizard calls Michael Jordan his "homie"
  • Jordan once gave his Wizard teammate a pair of shoes during halftime
  • Jordan's new hobby has been revealed

A former Washington Wizard called Michael Jordan his “homie” and revealed what interests the NBA icon these days.

In 2002, forward Jared Jeffries arrived in the NBA. At the same period of time, Jordan was on his second season with the Wizards following his comeback since stepping away from the game in 1998. Six years after Jeffries retired, he revealed some of his experiences with the NBA’s all-time great.

In a recent interview with “Fair Game,” Jeffries was asked about how he felt upon learning that he will play his rookie season with the greatest player to ever step inside the court. Surprisingly, Jeffries felt “comfortable” with “MJ” simply because he was used to seeing the legend on TV.

“I felt comftable because it was Michael Jordan, I was more scared at Charles Oakley (sic),” Jeffries said.

When asked about how Jordan was as a player, Jeffries was thrilled as he recalled how Jordan led them as a team. He even noted that at 40, Jordan was “always the first guy to hit the gym.”

“It was amazing. He was always the first guy at the gym,” Jeffries said of Jordan with the Wizards.

“He did such an amazing job of kind of directing and leading all of us that year just with his dedication as a 40-year-old player,” Jeffries continued.

Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant
YouTube user Youssef Hannoun's latest entry shows that Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan's playing styles are remarkably similar. Reuters

Jeffries also can’t forget the day Jordan gave him a pair of shoes during halftime. According to NBA veteran, the “GOAT” would sometimes change shoes in the middle of the game and in one of the two games Jordan scored 40 points, he handed Jeffries one pair.

“He would get his knees worked on before the games, you could tell that he was on his last leg but he was but he still had 2 40-point games that year,” Jeffries recalled.

“He would change shoes at halftime sometimes and he gave me one shoe. And I still got it,” he revealed.

The retired NBA journeyman apparently managed to have a close relationship with Jordan. In fact, he revealed that just about a month ago, he and his girlfriend were hanging out with MJ and referred to him as his “homie.”

“My girlfriend and I was just down in Jupiter with him like a month ago,” Jeffries revealed.

“Yes, My homie! Pretty crazy right?” Jeffries said about his current relationship with Jordan.

A bit surprised by their “closeness,” the host asked more about Jordan. Jeffries was quick to respond that the Bulls legend is not a fan of “FaceTime” and that he’s currently crazy about “fishing” lately.

“He’s not a big FaceTimer. He’s real responsive (at) anything about fishing right now,” Jeffries revealed.

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan praised James Harden and Russell Westbrook for their recent achievements. In this picture, the owner of the Charlotte Hornets, Michael Jordan, watches on during their game against the Chicago Bulls at Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina, Nov. 3, 2015. Streeter Lecka/Getty Images