Brooklyn Nets' newest superstar, Kevin Durant, is excited to see how the Nets would match up against one of the newest duos in the NBA.

Last season was indeed one of the most eventful for Durant. After suffering from a horrible injury in the playoffs, Durant dealt with free agency in the offseason. Now that he’s about to compete with the Eastern Conference teams, the Nets superstar mentioned the Western Conference duo he is excited to match in his return.

In a rare video conference interview with YouTuber Chris Henderson (See Hendo), Durant revealed the newest dynamic duo he would watch out for in the next few years. According to Durant, he is excited to see how a partnership between Kristaps Porzingis and Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks would work.

“I’m looking forward to seeing them two come together. I think they’ve got something going down there,” Durant said about Porzingis-Doncic tandem.

The two-time NBA Finals MVP also noted that he is fully aware that Mavericks’ CEO Mark Cuban has always been supportive of his team. “Mark Cuban is always going to support his guys and put them in the best position. That’s a franchise I’m definitely watching for the next few years,” Durant added.

With regards to newly rebuilt Brooklyn Nets, Durant is positive that “a lot” of guys would step up especially with being reportedly out for the upcoming season.

“I’m excited about this group, Obviously with me not starting off the season and obviously being injured, you’re going to see a lot of guys step up and do some things and go to another level as a player,” Durant noted.

Last Friday, Durant posted a picture on Instagram of himself trying to stand on his injured leg with a trainer watching on intently. The caption of the intense photo states “Balancing act. 12th week” which suggests that Durant is working towards returning in action soon.

As for his relationship with co-star Kyrie Irving, Durant got nothing but all praises for the All-Star guard’s work ethic and attitude.

“He’ll make you feel a certain way when you watch him,” Durant said. “His movements, his mentality out there, his smarts for the game, his efficiency, he’s an all-around player,” Durant said.

Durant truly believes that everything in Brooklyn is excited for “something new.” He even included the coaching staff, front office and the fans.

“We’ve got great coaching, great front office, great fanbase that’s excited for something new. This is a fresh start for everybody, I feel,” Durant added.

Kevin Durant and Kristaps Porzingis
Kristaps Porzingis may have asked for a trade because he was not comfortable possibly playing alongside Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant #35 of the Oklahoma City Thunder has words for Kristaps Porzingis #6 of the New York Knicks after Durant dunked the ball over him in the second half at Madison Square Garden on January 26, 2016 in New York City.The Oklahoma City Thunder defeated the New York Knicks 128-122 in overtime. Getty Images/Elsa