• Kevin Garnett said he once considered playing for the Lakers
  • Garnett claims Kobe Bryant didn't answer his call
  • Garnet decided to form "The Big 3" with the Boston Celtics after not getting any response from Bryant

15-time NBA All-Star Kevin Garnett revealed how Kobe Bryant could’ve helped him join the Los Angeles Lakers.

There were many things that could have ended up in a different direction in the NBA. Some of these include the late NBA legend Bryant. Some may not know, but “Black Mamba” was originally targeted by the Philadelphia 76ers to be paired with his NBA Finals rival Allen Iverson. Another interesting idea was the fact that the Sixers also once offered to trade for Michael Jordan. Should the Sixers managed to close the said deals, Bryant and Jordan could have played for the same team and the history of the NBA could have been completely different.

But just recently, former Wolves and Celtics star Garnett revealed that he also once considered playing for the Lakers.

In a recent interview with John Karalis from Mass Live, the "KG" talked about the possibility of joining Bryant back in 2007. At that time, Garnett was pretty much done with his original team Minnesota Timberwolves, who were not able to surround him with enough talent to win an NBA championship.

Garnett was thinking of a trade that could land him to a team that presents a strong case for an NBA title. And as he contemplates about the idea, Garnett thought about a deal that would potentially send him to the Lakers so he could play alongside Bryant.

According to Garnett, the deal never went to fruition because Bryant didn’t respond to his phone call. Due to a strict timeline, Garnett didn’t try calling Bryant again. However, former Lakers guard Tyronn Lue, who is apparently close to Bryant, told him to call the Lakers superstar one more time.

But after not getting any response from Bryant and the Lakers, Garnett decided to join the Boston Celtics, where he formed "the Big 3" with Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, Basketball Network reported.

“I wanted to link with (Kobe Bryant). I shouted at Kobe; he didn’t pick the line up. T-Lue (Tyronn Lue) and Kobe were close, and he said ‘shoot at him again and see what he on.’ So I shouted again, and he didn’t get back, so I had to make a decision,” Garnett recalled.

Garnett also revealed that he could join the Warriors or the Suns at the same period of time. However, the NBA champ said that the offers from the said teams at that time didn’t look promising to him, and the Lakers were his priority.

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