• Dwight Howard will join his fourth Slam Dunk Contest
  • Howard wants Kobe Bryant to join him
  • Howard asks Lakers fans for help

Former teammates Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard could revive their long lost bond in Chicago when the NBA holds its annual All-Star Weekend festivities next month.

Howard just confirmed his participation in the mid-season events’ Slam Dunk Contest for the fourth time in his career, and he plans to integrate the retired Los Angeles Lakers great to at least one of his stunts.

Bill Oram of the Athletic spilled the big man’s plan and revealed that Howard actually took it upon himself to rejoin the contest which he won once in 2008.

“Two things about Dwight in the dunk contest: 1) The idea originated on Dwight’s end. He reached out to the league to say he wanted to participate. 2) Asked if he was going to incorporate any teammates he said (or joked?), ‘I’m trying to get Kobe,” bared Oram.

It could be just the 6’10 center being in a playful mood. But several reports said that Howard has been going as far as asking the Lakers fandom for help in convincing the Black Mamba to join him in his act. As of posting, Bryant has not given any response yet, as most expect him to.

Howard and Bryant did not have the most pristine runs as teammates when the former Orlando Magic star joined the five-time NBA champion in 2012 to play in Los Angeles. Along with Steve Nash and Pau Gasol, the supposed powerhouse squad failed to meet expectations as reports about Howard and Bryant not getting along too well became a topic across the league.

After a fruitless stint in 2013, Howard instantly turned into a journeyman where he donned four different jerseys before finding himself back in Hollywood this year.

A lot has changed since the 2012 failed experiment that fans who used to mock Howard in the past are now the same fans who laud the 34-year-old’s efficient role as a back-up center for the Lakers. The eight-time All-Star is averaging 7.7 points, 7.6 rebounds and 1.4 blocks per game in an efficient 72.8 shooting from the field in almost 20 minutes of playing time.

Fans are tempering their expectations on the possible reunion between the two, but they are still hoping that perhaps Bryant has already buried the hatchet to consider giving Superman a lob for a perfect 10.