• Kobe Bryant addressed Michael Jordan comparisons
  • Bryant pointed out why he and Jordan is different
  • Jordan reportedly asked Chuck Daly for a rematch after being beaten in a friendly golf game

Kobe Bryant’s latest comment about the comparisons with Michael Jordan could be true.

During his playing years, Bryant was known for being extremely competitive. His “Mamba Mentality” approach to the game is something still being recognized in the NBA today.On top of his unique basketball mentality, Bryant was widely considered as the only player to ever come close to Jordan’s competitive drive.

Evidently, Bryant has tried to emulate Jordan’s game throughout the course of his career. However, in a recent appearance on “All the Smoke,” the Lakers legend revealed the difference between him and Jordan. Apparently, it was something Bryant realized when he spent time with the GOAT.

Looking back at the comparisons, Bryant stated that he and Jordan are completely different. As per “Black Mamba,” MJ would compete on anything while he smartly chooses his battles and only compete on things he’s good at, Basketball Network reported.

“It’s fun, we’re really different. He’s crazy, he’ll compete at anything. He’ll compete with any and everything, I won’t. I’ll only compete with things I’m good at,” Bryant said about Jordan.

Indeed, Bryant made a bold statement about Jordan. However, there were some stories that could attest the former Laker’s claim.

Kobe Bryant is set to surpass Michael Jordan in career points. Reuters

Reports claim that during the famous Dream Team was practice in Monte Carlo, just before the team went on to dominate the competition at the Barcelona Olympics, coach Chuck Daly and Jordan decided to play golf. As expected, it went down to the wire, but eventually, Daly closed the friendly game and won by one shot. Seemingly aware of when to quit when he was ahead, Daly called it a day and vowed to never play a round against Jordan again.

After a couple of hours, Jordan’s competitiveness came in and reportedly asked for a rematch. It could’ve been totally understandable if it was a professional game but instead of focusing on the Olympics, Jordan cannot take his loss peacefully and rushed into Daly’s room opting for another golf game.

According to a one Sports Illustrated columnist who happened to get a scoop of what really happened that night, Jordan didn’t let go of the matter until he got his rematch. Apparently, MJ won and had his revenge.

“The next morning, at the crack of dawn, Jordan rang Daly's room. Getting no response, he went directly to Daly's room and knocked. Then he pounded. He wouldn't go away until he got his rematch. He got it, and he won by a shot. But would you expect anything else?” Rick Reilly of Sports Illustrated wrote.