• Michael Jordan didn't say he wanted to be remembered as the greatest when asked how he wanted to be remembered
  • Jordan always entertained reporters during his prime
  • Jordan once insulted a rapper asking for a photo with him

Michael Jordan might be the greatest basketball player of all time but that doesn’t mean that’s how he wanted to be remembered.

In basketball, whenever Jordan’s name is mentioned, the first thing that pops in one’s head is “greatest.” It isn’t much of a debate because “MJ” has really proven himself especially during his prime. However, according to Jordan himself, being the “GOAT” is all good but he just wanted to be remembered as a “fun guy.”

Basketball Network recently posted one of Jordan’s TV appearances during his prime, in which the Bulls star was pressed to answer the question: “How do you want to be remembered?”

At the time, Jordan has already surpassed his peers and was considered the greatest player in the world. But Jordan’s response was the opposite of what was expected. Instead of talking about his greatness, Jordan wanted people to remember his humility and humanity.

“I just want them to remember me. Just a fun guy who enjoyed life and made a lot of different creative ideas work, and was a part of a lot of fun things. Was always approachable, never felt like he was isolated from normal people,” Jordan revealed.

“A lot of times you get people who were successful who were isolated, people are afraid to come up and say something to them. I love when people come up to me, at least say “hello,” or they like something that I’ve done,” Jordan added.

michael jordan case
Former basketball great Michael Jordan delivers a speech as he attends a party celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Air Jordan shoe line in Paris, June 12, 2015. REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes

Apparently, MJ really cared a lot about being approachable. In fact, many reporters with locker-room access to the ‘90s Bulls revealed that Jordan made himself available and ready to talk all the time.

But for rapper named Chamillionaire, who had the opportunity to meet “his hero” Jordan, the NBA’s GOAT was completely the opposite of humility.

According to Chamillionaire, he asked for a photo with the NBA icon but instead of smiling for the camera, Jordan rejected and criticized him, The Boombox reported.

“Jordan said, ‘I ain't taking pictures with no n---a. You know what, I tell you what, you pay $15,000 right now for a jersey from me and I'll take a picture with you’,” Chamillionaire said.

The rapper noted that Celtics legend Paul Pierce was also there and tried to mediate but Jordan ignored it.

"Paul Pierce was like, 'Yo, whoa, chill out. That's Chamillionaire, man," the rapper recalled.

Needless to say, Jordan lost one celebrity and childhood fan during that night.