• LeBron James deals with "Father time" in unbelievable way
  • James' special sleeping routine
  • Jerry West lauded James' conditioning and dedication

LeBron James recovers from exhaustion and deals with the so-called “Father time” in a way nobody could ever imagine.

Now that James is turning 35, some in NBA are wondering how “The King” is still able to dominate the league. His strong case for winning another MVP award this season has a lot to do with his conditioning. But some fans might know that James’ body recovery regimen is something unusual and a bit bizarre.

In an appearance in Nike's podcast “Trained,” James and his longtime personal trainer, Mike Mancias, explained their unique recovery routine.

According to James and Mancias the routine requires 3 basic things: a chilly temperature, windows have to be fully blocked to create total darkness and most importantly, the bath tub has to be brimming with ice.

James admitted that one of his favorite modes of recovery is the “contrast bath.” As per the four-time MVP, a contrast bath is one recovery method that makes him feel "especially good."

"That's one of the methods that when I'm in heavy-duty training, I try to find,” James said.

“Especially if I'm on the road, there's times that to this day Mike will, if they don't have one at the facility or something, Mike will fill up my bathtub in the hotel room with all ice. Ice and water. He's like, 'OK, you gotta get in there, then get in the shower, then get back in there, then finish it off in the shower,’” James explained.

It appears that not only James’ body benefits from the said type of bath. Based on James’ experience, it also refreshes his mind.

“(The baths) just help the body and when the body feels fresh, then the mind feels fresh, as well. They work in tandem,” James added.

Mancias revealed how the cycle of the bath works. He also noted that he and James do it either every pre post-game and pre or post-practice .

“It consists of a hot tub or a cold tub, or an ice tub (and) a hot shower—on the road, you have to be resourceful. The basics of it is starting hot for five minutes, (next) you go to cold for five minutes, then you do about three cycles of that," Mancias revealed.

LeBron James Lakers Warriors
LeBron James #23 and Lance Stephenson #6 of the Los Angeles Lakers celebrate after James made a shot against the Golden State Warriors and was fouled during their preseason game at T-Mobile Arena on October 10, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Aside from contrast baths, James has also developed an effective way to rest his body after intense and exhausting activities. According to the Lakers star, “Rapid Eye Monement” sleep recovers his body “100%.”

"There's nothing more important than optimal REM sleep. That's the best way for your body to physically and emotionally be able to recover and get back to 100 percent as possible,” James revealed.

Lakers icon and current LA Clippers executive Jerry West recently lauded James’ way of taking care of his body. According to the legend, James has prolonged his career because of his dedication and conditioning.

“All the time that he puts in conditioning and I marvel that, at this age, he’s still able to perform. It’s amazing. He pays attention, and he’s dedicated. That’s why he’s lasted so long,” West said of James.