San Antonio Spurs legend Manu Ginobili revealed how he would have fit-in in today’s NBA.

Several years ago, the San Antonio Spurs was arguably the most consistent NBA team in terms of making the NBA playoffs. Not only did they always qualify but they also managed to be as competitive as they can be despite the gradual transition of how the game is played.

During the Tim Duncan era, the Spurs have been known for their teamwork. Moreso, they have been regarded as one of the most strategic teams in the NBA. Along with Duncan, Ginobili was also recognized as the team’s star. Ginobili, who is now officially retired, is known for his versatility and unique athleticism as a European player.

Just recently, Ginobili shared his thoughts with how the game is played today in the NBA. In an interview with ESPN, the Spurs legend recalled the best and the worst moments he had during his playing years.

According to Ginobili, the things that happen after every game are what he misses the most. However, he also stated that he would never want to feel the pressure that comes with being part of a contending team again.

“What I miss the most is the locker room, the dinners after the games. The preparation, the sense of going out there and be a team,” Ginobili revealed.

“What I don’t miss is the travelling, the late games, the back-to-backs, the not being able to sleep well. Being tired or sore, I don’t miss that part at all,” Ginobili added.

Late in his career, Ginobili has had battles with some of the younger stars in the NBA. When asked how he would have played in today’s NBA, Ginobili said that he would have done things similarly as his style has always adapted to the modern day basketball.

“I don’t think that would be different. My game was pretty much adapted to today’s game. I would have enjoyed the pace, the faster pace and taking quicker shots and more threes, that we were not allowed to do 15 years ago. I think I would have played very similarly,” Ginobili pointed out.

Ginobili also recalled playing in an era where big men used to dominate the league. According to the European basketball icon, he would have enjoyed playing basketball today than their time.

“Now with the game like that (faster), more transition, more threes, more pace, probably it would have been more fun,” Ginobili said.

Manu Ginobili San Antonio Spurs
San Antonio guard Manu Ginobili has struggled in the NBA Finals, but will have to breakout of his slump soon. The Spurs need his scoring touch with point guard Tony Parker playing through injury. Reuters