• A Bulls reporter revealed that Phil Jackson thinks Scottie Pippen was more valuable than Michael Jordan
  • Jackson said Pippen was the director of Bulls' offense and defense
  • It is still an debate whether Jordan would've won 6 NBA titles without Pippen

Phil Jackson has hinted a few times that Scottie Pippen was more valuable than Michael Jordan.

When Jackson teamed up with Jordan in Chicago during the '90s, Bulls dominated the entire NBA. Evidently, MJ was the main man but even to this day, it is still an argument whether the GOAT would have won his 6 NBA titles without his co-star Pippen or not.

Based on a statement by Rick Tellander, who worked for the Chicago Sun-Times and covered the Bulls for years, Coach Jackson himself occasionally hinted that Pippen was apparently more valuable than Jordan.

According to Tellander, Jackson’s statements suggested that Jordan was the biggest star in the team but it was actually Pippen who ran the team, Basketball Network reported.

“Phil Jackson, at times has said that Pippen is the team’s most valuable player. Where Jordan is the diamond pendant at the base of the gleaming necklace, Pippen is the thread running through the emeralds, pearls, and lesser stones that compose the whole,” Tellander stated.

Tellander even added that Pippen didn’t only imply a solid defensive approach, but that he was also the key factor in Jackson’s trademark “triangle offense.”

“He’s the glue that holds the Bulls’ triangle offense together, its Doberman defense in place. He’s the facilitator, a point forward who can bring the ball up the court, penetrate, shoot, rebound, hit open teammates, and guard anyone against point guards to power forwards. But most of all, he can play team ball,” Tellander added.

Will James and Wade ever win like Jordan and Pippen?
Will James and Wade ever win like Jordan and Pippen? Reuters

Surprisingly, it appears that Tellander was actually telling the truth. In one statement, Jackson gave Pippen props for “directing the Bulls’ offense and defense.” The legendary coach even revealed that Pippen has tremendous leadership skills that “brought out the best” out of his teammates.

“Scottie was our team leader. He was the guy that directed our offense, and he was the guy that took on a lot of big challenges defensively. He was probably the player most liked by others. He mingled. He brought out the best in players and communicated the best,” Jackson said.

Sadly, it is really hard to prove that Pippen was more valuable than Jordan during their prime. However, nobody in NBA can truly assess two of the greatest duos to ever play the game but their head coach himself.

At this point, one thing is for certain, Jordan and Pippen once ruled the NBA and with the help of Jackson, both NBA Hall of Famers became the icons they are today.

Phil Jackson
Phil Jackson retired as the Los Angeles Lakers head coach in 2011. Reuters