• Danny Green burns heckler with an epic NBA three-ring response
  • Green's shooting woes continue, but the Sixers ate rolling
  • Green has time to improve his shooting form as the season progresses

Danny Green of the Philadelphia 76ers is in an elite company.

Like most, he is not spared from bad shooting nights. It was the case for the 33-year-old against the Atlanta Hawks, a game where he shot 0-of-9 from the field.

Green is no stranger to being trolled. Normally, he would stay mum and let it roll. Unfortunately for a heckler over at the State Farm Arena, the 12-year-veteran was in a foul mood.

After finishing with measly two points in 28 minutes of action, Green responded to a fan who told him to do better after the Sixers 112-94 loss to the Hawks.

"You was 0-10, bruh. 0-10," the fan said.

Green was in no mood to squabble and gave the fan with a short but sweet response.

"I got 3 rings, n****," Green replied as he made his way to the dugout.

The 6-foot-6 guard is no stranger to such criticism. Most will recall his celebrated Game 5 miss in the NBA Finals, a shot that could have wrapped up the 2020 NBA title for the Lakers.

That moment was so controversial since it reached the point where the three-time NBA champion and his fiancée received death threats for the miss.

Of course, most know that Green ended up winning the title in Game 6 of the last NBA Finals. This was what made him a three-time NBA champion, placing him in an elite company of players to hold such a distinction.

Green will move on with that dreaded miss hounding him. However, it remains that his three NBA rings are an accomplishment that only a few can savor.

NBA fans will continue to talk trash against him, especially if he plays a game horrendously. But the reality of it all is that Green has a post-game weapon that will leave hecklers and trolls in their place.

All that aside, Green is focused on doing his part for the Sixers this 2020-21 NBA season. Philadelphia has surprised many this early in the season, owning an 8-4 record as of this writing.

Critics feel that things will eventually change as the NBA season progresses. But it also means that Green has ample time to work on his shooting form and fire away when the opportunities come his way.

Danny Green #14 of the Philadelphia 76ers Danny Green #14 of the Philadelphia 76ers Photo: Getty Images | Tim Nwachukwu