• The Suns are waiting on the decision of Chris Paul
  • The Suns are unlikely to keep Paul if the player chooses a multi-year pact
  • Paul may not fit in with the Suns' long-term plans

Chris Paul has a decision to make, and that may factor heavily on where he will play next season.

The Phoenix Suns remain at the top of the list, but this may depend on how much money the 11-time All-Star will command.

One person keeping tabs on this is Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver. Right now, he has no clue on what Paul plans to do and is aware that "CP3" and his camp have a decision to make.

Appearing on the "Burns and Gambo" radio show, Sarver was asked if there was anything that would prevent the Suns from keeping the 36-year-old guard.

He admitted that there probably is. However, he emphasized that for them to bring him back, it would all depend on talks between the Suns management and the camp of Paul.

The executive did not mention if talks had already begun although he hinted that some clarity could happen by next week.

There is no question that Paul played an important role in the Suns’ NBA Finals run against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Bringing him back is an option, but the $44 million salary may get the Suns’ management thinking.

Paul’s case is not different even if he opts out too. If the 2006 NBA Rookie of the Year chooses a multi-year contract, Phoenix may not oblige.

The Suns are focusing on building a team made up mostly of young players, and it remains to be seen if "CP3" would be an exception.

So whether he opts in or not, the Suns will be left with a big decision to make.

Paul has been linked to several teams. Like Sarver, those clubs are also monitoring if he will opt-in or out and look for a multi-year deal.

The chances of Paul staying in Phoenix are unknown although it was a scenario already discussed in the past. I

MG Academy director Dan Berto weighed in on it when he appeared on the Sports For All PH podcast with Filipino journalists Vincent Juico and Brian Yalung.

“If you’re Phoenix, you can’t just pay him $40 million and try to deal with the rest. I think it’s going to be weird like I could see him ending up in Utah or Miami, somewhere strange. I don’t see him being in New York. I could even see Chicago. I see him taking a three-year deal where he knows he will get along with the coach and where he is going to be able to lead a team and almost repeat what they are doing now,” Barto stated.

Phoenix Suns guard Chris Paul wants to spark his team after a game three loss when it faces host Milwaukee on Wednesday in game three of the NBA Finals
Phoenix Suns guard Chris Paul GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Justin Casterline