• Michael Jordan was already dominating the NBA by the early 90's
  • Jordan's no. 23 jersey was once stolen during game and had to wear different number
  • Jordan's sneakers during the said game was revealed

Michael Jordan once played a controversial game during his prime that some fans may have already forgotten.

The NBA and most of Jordan fans were all witnesses of his greatness. Ever since “MJ” entered the league, he never stopped improving and by the early 90’s, Jordan was already dominating his peers like no other player has ever done before.

As he soars in his career, every Bulls game was like another day at the office for Jordan. However, in a Valentine's Day game against the Orlando Magic during the 1989-1990 season, something very unusual happened and Jordan’s no. 23 jersey went missing.

Without a replacement 23 jersey available at the time, Jordan and the Bulls had to improvise. The team had to give him the only spare jersey they had available – a nameless no. 12 Bulls top.

Surely, the incident stunned the massive crowd but apparently, the sudden change in Jordan’s jersey number didn't make much of a difference to his game. Despite falling short against the Magic 135-129, the prime Jordan scored a whopping 49 points.

Shortly after the epic moment in NBA, world-famous throwback retailer “Mitchell & Ness” decided to honor the “no. 12 Jordan Bulls jersey” and sold authentic jerseys in 2017. Evidently, because of its unique history and contribution to Jordan’s career, the jerseys were sold for a quite costly retail price of $300 each.

The missing No. 23 Jordan jersey once generated a huge buzz in the NBA at the time. And while there has been much discussion about the number Jordan was wearing and how his jersey went missing, some people got hyped by the incident so much that they even talked about the sneakers Jordan wore during the said game.

On the exact date Jordan donned the anonymous No. 12 jersey, Footwear News revealed that the “GOAT” was rocking “Air Jordan 5’s” in a color widely known today as “Fire Red 3M.” The said Jordan 5’s version is a predominantly white shoe with black and red accents and a 3-M hit on the tongue.

Jordan’s 23 jersey was never found. Roughly 30 years later, the true intention of the thief who stole it was still unclear. However, he certainly did one thing that is vividly engraved to the minds of old school NBA fans – he gave everyone, especially Jordan, something to remember for the rest of their lives.

Michael Jordan
Former basketball great Michael Jordan made more than $500 million from endorsement deals between 2000 and 2012, his lawyer revealed. Pictured: Jordan delivers a speech at a party celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Air Jordan shoe line in Paris, June 12, 2015. Reuters