Kyrie Irving and LeBron James
Kyrie Irving (R) and LeBron James (L) were teammates with the Cavaliers, but now play for the Celtics and Lakers respectively. Irving #11 of the Boston Celtics is guarded by Lebron James #23 of the Cleveland Cavaliers during the first quarter of a game at TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts on February 11, 2018. Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Los Angeles Lakers team owner Jeanie Buss has a lot on her mind as of late, especially after talks with Tyronn Lue went down the drain. The purple and gold have yet to name a new head coach and the delay could ultimately affect the rebuilding plans of the Lakers.

James has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, singled out as the reason why the Lakers are unable to land the proper head coach. Lue would have been perfect but both sides were unable to agree on a deal. The 42-year-old wanted a five-year deal but the Lakers were only willing to give him three years. Now, the search continues with Frank Vogel among the candidates. Initially, Vogel was being considered as an assistant coach but it seems the tides have turned, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Should Vogel make the grade, the same question is on the table - can he and James co-exist? Of the coaches suggested, only one name would make sense if the LeBron factor is to be given weight. This would be Juwan Howard, a former teammate of James with the Miami Heat. Other than him, all candidates have no ties with the three-time NBA MVP.

Some pundits have suggested that Buss may want to seriously consider trading James instead. It is a crazy idea but if the Lakers are unable to put together a sensible team, it is a possibility. Assuming that the Lakers top brass does the extreme thing, where would James land?

Though the thought alone is preposterous and the fact that the Knicks may not have assets that would interest the Lakers, a wild scenario could see James and Kyrie Irving reunite in Gotham, Forbes reported. Take note that the 27-year-old Irving has been repeatedly linked to New York and that both he and James have been in close communication.

Recall that Irving was also linked to a possible reunion with James but in Los Angeles. This was despite the fact that both had a falling out in Cleveland several years back. Apparently, both have already straightened things out. A reunion seems plausible but in Hollywood and not in Gotham.

For the Lakers, trading James could be another bonehead move. They need people at the helm to point them in the right direction. General Manager Rob Pelinka is trying his best but Buss may need more minds in there to turn things around for the purple and gold.