The 2019 NBA Draft is just around the corner, with the Los Angeles Lakers holding the rights to the fourth overall pick. With Zion Williamson, R.J. Barrett and Ja Morant almost sure to be selected by the top three teams (New Orleans Pelicans, Memphis Grizzlies and the New York Knicks), pundits are now trying to make guesses on who the fourth overall selection would be by the Lakers.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Darius Garland of Vanderbilt has been given a draft promise, and there is a growing belief that it was the Lakers who offered. And while he is a skilled and flashy point guard who has the knack of putting the ball in the basket, the claim seems a bit off.

For one, the Lakers are expected to go after rookies who can either play the wing or work their way down low since they do have their targets this coming free agency.

As mentioned in a previous report, the Lakers are linked to Kyrie Irving who could reunite with LeBron James. If not Uncle Drew, other names being linked to the purple and gold are Bradley Beal and even Kyle Lowry. Also, there are guards in the current roster that could prove to be better – Lonzo Ball or Josh Hart. Hence, adding another (young) guard at this point may not make sense for the Lakers.

The situation tying up the Lakers to Garland hardly comes as a surprise. Last year, they were linked to a potential draft promise involving Mitchell Robinson. Nothing came to fruition and Los Angeles eventually selected Moritz Wagner from the University of Michigan, Silver Screen and Roll reported.

Garland holds a curious background. He missed almost all of his freshman season at Vanderbilt, playing only five games in his lone college year after suffering a meniscus injury. The alleged NBA Draft promise made things even hotter since the 19-year-old left the draft combine this week.

If not the Lakers, the Phoenix Suns are the other team which could have possibly made that rumored draft promise. It is no secret that Phoenix is in need of a point guard to relieve Devin Booker of playmaking chores so taking in Garland makes sense.

The Suns will be selecting sixth in the 2019 NBA Draft and could make a go at the rookie guard if he is still available by the time Phoenix is set to pick.