• The Lakers are willing to give up Horton-Tucker to fill in the gaps
  • Multiple NBA teams are expected to explore trade possibilities for Horton-Tucker
  • Vogel’s time with the Lakers may come to an end if the team fails to win the NBA title

The Los Angeles Lakers need to make moves before the trade deadline next month, but most know that they are financially strapped, meaning the only way they can embark on a good deal is to give up some of their assets.

Looking at the roster of the Lakers, it appears the only sensible players that may be dealt with are the young players coming off the bench.

From that list, there is only one player that perhaps comes to mind that other teams would be interested in.

Talen Horton-Tucker is considered a key component for any trade the Lakers may try to pull.

It will be recalled that the franchise initially thumbed down the idea of dealing away the 22-year-old, considered someone as an investment for the future.

According to a report from the Los Angeles Times, it appears all that has been rescinded.

The Lakers have reportedly placed Horton-Tucker on the block, and a deal could be made anytime between now and the trade deadline on February 10.

Should that happen, it could turn out to be a blessing for "THT." The fact remains that he is a far way off from getting the proper exposure for as long as the Lakers have the win-now attitude.

Horton-Tucker has shown promise, something most will recall from the summer league.

Hence, it seems Horton-Tucker is well on his way to becoming the latest young Lakers’ player to move out and possibly break out.

Several talented young players found their niche after moving on from the Lakers.

Among those names include Brandon Ingram, Julius Randle, Jordan Clarkson, Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma.

All have gone on to better things with Ingram and Randle already being recognized as All-Stars.

As for the Lakers, whoever they get in exchange for Horton-Tucker is no assurance that they can check their struggles. It will still be up to head coach Frank Vogel to turn things around.

His job is allegedly safe for now but is being evaluated on a game-to-game basis, The Atheltic reported.

If the Lakers fail to win an NBA title or come up with a credible finish, Vogel’s future may be in serious jeopardy.

Frank Vogel of the Los Angeles Lakers talks with Talen Horton-Tucker #5
Frank Vogel of the Los Angeles Lakers talks with Talen Horton-Tucker #5 Getty Images | Kevin C. Cox