Boston Celtics rookie center Tacko Fall doesn’t need much jumping to dominate the entire NBA Summer League.

Aside from the NBA Draft, the Summer League is also a fan-favorite during the offseason. This is the time when the fresh faces of the league get to showcase their god-given talents in front of NBA executives before entering the more challenging regular season.

This year, one man stands tall over everybody else -- the Boston Celtics undrafted rookie Tacko Fall. The seven-foot-seven center managed to still dominate the competition while barely jumping during actual games. As a result, Fall is now considered the star of this year’s summer league.

As early as now, sources have already uploaded compilations of Fall’s in-game highlights while the summer league is still mid-way. In one video from ESPN, the unbelievably tall center can be seen swatting jumpshots and close attempts, dunking the ball and grabbing boards with just little jumping needed. At one point, Fall even scored a basket by barely lifting his feet.

In most of Fall’s games this summer, he was able to impress NBA executives not only with his heght and reach but with his surprising post moves as well. Yes, Fall also has good footwork and is a very versatile inside scorer.

All the things Fall brings to the table did not go unnoticed. As a matter of fact, the fans are very entertained with the undrafted rookie that they even chanted “MVP!” at one game, while Fall was shooting free throws.

Fall says he is grateful for the unique gift God has given him, and the appreciation and recognition he is getting from fans. 

“I feel blessed. It means a lot to me,” Fall said.

At this point, there are no confirmations nor solid indications that Fall will be officially included in the Celtics roster next season. However, from the looks of how things are going in the summer league, it is highly expected that an NBA team will pursue Fall.

Before the summer league, the C’s were reportedly looking forward to see what Fall can really do for their team and signed the center in an Exhibit 10 contract. But with the way Fall has been playing lately, it is safe to assume that some people in Boston are already picturing him teaming-up with Kemba Walker.

tacko fall Tacko Fall of Central Florida works out during the 2019 NBA Combine at Quest MultiSport Complex on May 17, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. Photo: Michael Hickey/Getty Images